Birthright Israel 2018 Final Thoughts


Our last days in Israel were spent in Jerusalem. There is something about this city, besides the rich cultural and historical roots, that is just really special. When you are there you can’t help but feel it, that strong connection. Our time in Jerusalem was by far my favorite. Exploring the old city, visiting the Western Wall, experiencing shabbat in such a holy place, all of it. By this time #bus66 had really become family and we had spent every waking moment together for a week that it was just fun to be around each other. It sounds so cheesy but it was true. I remember the nights just hanging out outside of the hotel talking, laughing and having a good time. Or the time we visited the most amazing out door market during the day and then again at night. Those were my favorite moments.

Overall, I am so glad that Michelle and I had coffee months before the deadline for this trip and remembered that it was our time to go. I am grateful for the experiences that we shared, and the new people that we met along the way. I am lucky that I am part of a community that values sharing our history and brings us together. Birthright is an amazing program that I was lucky to be able to participate in. It actually came at the perfect time for me. A goal of mine for many years had not come to fruition just days before leaving. I think I found myself again in Israel. It was the perfect environment for soul searching and starting the next chapter of my life. Sometimes things don’t go quite according to plan, but in the long run we find out that the plan was not the right outcome for you. It is sometimes a hard pill to swallow, especially for someone who has a hard time letting go. I know that where I am is where I was meant to be all along, and the journey that got me here was exactly the way it was supposed to go.

For once it wasn’t next year in Jerusalem, it was this year.

For once it wasn’t next year in Jerusalem, it was this year.

Until next time Israel, you will always hold a place in my heart.